Thursday, October 29, 2009


1792 Ridgemont Reserve

Ladies and gentlemen, we have bourbon. I'm currently sipping this feller, a pretty darn good representative of the bourbon family. You can taste the 93.7 proof, but still enjoy the bourbon-flavors going on. Definitely better with some ice. Perhaps it's better after rum. Cause that's where I am now.

Kate and I have been putting change in a piggy bank. This is piggy-bourbon.

Did you know, that 1792 was the year Kentucky entered the Union?

I'd say this is a fairly good bourbon, though I would rank Maker's a bit higher.


  1. What's the price, what's the ole Jim price? ('cause liquor in your area is too damned expensive). Any hangover to report today?

  2. Ah that's right, I knew I forgot a piece or two!

    Jim out here is about 20-21, and this bottle was 34.

    Hangover happened, but not because of the 1792. Mainly I hadn't eaten much that day, and the two glasses of whiskey were preceded by three glasses of decent rum.

  3. Upon further whiskeyings with 1792, I have concluded that it's not my favorite. Still at very least, decent, but it's not impressing me.