Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rebel Yell

Purchased on a Halloween liquor run, Rebel Yell proved a catalyst for a whiskey-fueled trainwreck. A fifth went for $16 in South Haven, MI. Jim goes for about $18 in comparison.

Rebel Yell is a little rough around the edges. It is an 80 proof Kentucky straight bourbon. Not as smooth as an Old Crow but nowhere near the harsh bite of many of its cheaper cousins. Drunk straight, it provides the standard bourbon flavors and aromas. Slight gasoline burn comes with taking it straight though. When mixed with a good amount of ice, the harshness faded. Mixed very well with some cola.

After putting down a good amount of the bottle between two people, the next day was a decidedly "yep, we drank bourbon last night" kind of mornings. Not nearly a "oh god, oh god, why do we keep buying carstairs" kind of situations.

This may not be my first choice for a rebuy but I wouldn't be oppose to it again. When compared to the Old Crow (which was also an integral part of the night), Rebel Yell came in second. Knock a few bucks off the price and it'll win more points for me.

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