Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mattingly & Moore

Oh M&M, with tagline of "Mild and Mellow" and otherwise nondescript labeling, what a trainwreck you are. Like any of my reviewed whiskeys, M&M had to be experienced straight for the first few occasions. Seemed both Mild and Mellow at first. It doesn't have the burn of fire I'd normally associate with a sub-ten-spot whiskey. It became less kind as time went on.

This 80 proof straight bourbon whiskey lets you know it's whiskey. You do not fight with it; it just fights you. The flavor seemed to get worse as the bottle went on. Not a sipping whiskey unless you're already to the point where climbing the really tall construction crane on Ann Arbor's state doesn't seem like a bad plan. Dr. Burnett will attest to this one needing a mixer. It does seem to make movies that have french overdubs and russian subtitles make more sense but not by a lot. Pants will be optional especially in public.

Produces a standard whiskey hangover. Requires diner coffee and some eggs to fight.

The price tag fell off the bottle but it was under $10 for a fifth, a 2-liter of coke, with tax included. Jim price comparison is whatever I've said for East Lansing before.

I'd buy again to give it another chance. 1876

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