Sunday, November 15, 2009

Joining the Canadian Club.

Professor Wiley has posted about this particular brand of drink before, but I would just like to highlight some other side effects that one may experience while drinking Canadian Club whiskey, or as I like to say 'joining the canadian club'.

It is not an exclusive club. The membership fee is about $12-15. The difficult part is the initiation process.

Unlike other whiskeys, CC seems to cause people to make incredibly bad decisions, forget that there is a difference between right and wrong, and black out. After joining the club, you may hear about your 'initiation' from other people for weeks after. Recollections of these events may begin with the phrase "You're never allowed to be around firearms again!" or "Do you remember going to the hospital?" or "That was my sister!". Something to that effect. You will probably wake up someplace that is not your bed or house.

Aside from that strange side effect, CC is not bad to drink. Tastes alright for the price range, comes in all size bottles, a good standard Canadian whiskey. Besides having to fix your life after drinking, the hangover is typically minimal.

If you are thinking about joining the club, you may want to start with a trial membership before signing up to be a lifetime member. That's my advice.

On a side note, all of us here at whiskeyatnight would be more than happy to write a review for your favorite whiskey! Just send us a few bottles to base our critiques on and we'll get back to you withing a few months.

Here's something ridiculous:


  1. Watch out folks, it'll get ya. Drinking CC before going to the prom, well, that'll get you straight into the club, let me tell you!

  2. It will also make you cut your wrists with a box cutter then have sex with a lesbian