Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Gentleman

I figured it was time to contribute. For my debut, i have to begin with a variation on my favorite. The makers of Jack Daniels decided it was time to brake the age old myth that Jack is the drink most strongly correlated to bar stool beatings. Enter, Gentleman Jack. This little baby (a standard 1.0 liter is as small as they come in the area) will set you back a pretty penny,$40.99 at Jims. But before you go burning down your local liquor store for ripping you off (most likely statistics point to these actions as being Jack fueled), take a sip and read the bottle. This beauty is twice mellowed, taking of the strong edge that many Crown Royal drinkers (aka whiney snobs) complain about standard black label Jack. Alone or with its long time companion Coca-Cola, this is a drink for well established whiskey drinker*. The folks in Lynchburg also chose the perfect name to bottle it under, you will feel high class from the moment you buy it until the moment you wake up in the morning and say "holy crap did i drink whiskey last night", because the hangover was almost non-existent.

*An established whiskey drinker refers to one who need more than two hands to count the nights they cant remember due to this fabulous brown liquor.


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  2. Way to class it up on the whiskey blog sir!