Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carstairs White Seal

"Four Random Words, One...whiskey"

This started with "Get a pint of whatever whiskey you can find for $5". I came back with a fifth of carstairs and only had to spend 80 cents extra. This is the gasoline flavor I base all other gasoline-based whiskeys on. You can't get the taste to go away. Mixers barely help. Hangover will be known as a "I got a carstairs hangover" and all should understand. If you need, but not just need, you have a terrible urge to go over the edge into destruction-land, this is your ticket to ride. Taste is mainly of burning. A little whiskey char to it. The "fine neutral spirits" that are blended in are lower than fuel quality. This being said, I've had this on several occasions and probably will again. Price is around $6 to maybe $8 if you're getting ripped off in Houghton, MI. Worth a try at least nighttrain.


  1. Brilliant review. But it wasn't always this way. Carstairs was a venerable Philadelphia rye whisky brand dating back to the mid-19th century:
    Out of business in Prohibition, the brand was purchased by Schenley, who made it into a cheap blended bourbon brand after Repeal. It became a mainstream cheap highball blend in the 1950s:

    With whiskey's crash in the 70s, Carstairs ended up sold to Heaven Hill, where it now occupies the "well" position - among dozens of other forgotten once great brands no used to dump the lowest of the low. Arguably, though, the 1950s marketing was based on the legacy of a brand ruined by Prohibition - as so very many were.

    1. Fascinated by this, my Husband is a Carstairs and we are researching his family history, we have found that a Tom Carstairs went to America in the 17oo's so I wonder if it was him!
      Funnily enough my Husband runs a business called Seals Swimming....with a similar logo , funny eh!

  2. Question - my dad had a bottle of Carstairs white seal whiskey. I believe he's had it since the 50's. always said he was going to crack it open for an occasion and never did. So when he passed last year, we cracked it open. I can't find any info on this and was just curious about it.